Workin’ for a Living


My mother was worried when I dropped out of college at the ripe old age of eighteen, so she paid for me to take an aptitude test to see what I might have a natural inclination of doing. When the results were analyzed the Doctor in charge informed me, “Based on what I see here, you would be good at………Well, pretty much anything you choose to do.” Thanks for all the direction, Doc!
I have worked in forty-seven of the forty-eight contiguous states of the United States of America and I have worked in every province of Canada. I have had mailing addresses in ten different states and held more different kind of jobs than any one man should. I have waited tables, tended bar, sold cars, bought dental scrap, been an undercover investigator for a consulting firm, worked as a high school yearbook photographer, a framing carpenter, a construction superintendent, general contractor, sold windows and doors. I was Vice President of Sales and the Quarry Operations for an Arizona flagstone company and sold Texas oil wells, even encyclopedias door to door, a long time ago! Most of the past several years I have been over the road, first as a driver/trainer, then as a field recruiter for a trucking company based in Iowa. I delivered boats all over the USA and Canada and won a company photo contest with this picture.