Domain I Designing Instruction and Assessment to Promote Student Learning

The first day of school is full of new things, a new school, a new class schedule, new classmates, and new teachers. One of the greatest fears in human nature is the fear of the unknown. The first day of school, or the first day of a new semester is full of unknowns. I like to put my students at ease when they arrive in class. I want them to know that they are in the classroom of a professional and we are going to learn together in my classroom! The first day is all about school rules, dress code, policy and procedures and once we get the school rules out of the way, I introduce my House Rules PowerPoint that covers classroom rules, technology rules and a brief outline of the course syllabus with daily, weekly, and semester expectations.

The scope and sequence of this class is spelled out by the Texas Education Association document you will find here.

Kirby Middle School is on the Northeast side of San Antonio and is 66% Hispanic, 22% African-American, 9% White, 1% Asian, and 2% Other, 95% of our students are considered at risk and all students receive free or reduced lunches and breakfast at school.