And away we go…..

I believe that all of my classmates in this Master’s of Education Technology-Leadership program are actually teachers and librarians at public schools at this very moment in time. I, on the other hand have only just walked into my first classroom while I was taking these classes along with my Alternative Certification classes. The following (Artifact #2&3 ETEC 562) were created in hope that I would one day be in my own classroom a post with the plan and then the presentation. Enjoy!


Technology Implementation Unit Presentation

         Pre-project Planning and Proposal

                  Joseph Percevecz August 1, 2015

         I wish that I was a real teacher in a real classroom and this could be something I was really familiar with and knew exactly what I was teaching. So far I have interviewed for a High School Business Education position, a High School Ag/Wood Shop/Metal Shop position, a 7th grade Exploring Careers position, and a 7th and 8th grade Wood shop/Coaching position. Apparently an alternative certification teacher looking for a one-year internship is no match for an experienced and credentialed “real” teacher. Still no job, but I think for this assignment I would like to use the 7th grade Exploring Careers position as my topic and audience.

I plan on teaching a unit on careers without college using Prezi to present the unit to the class, a day of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe to kick-off the class discussion about skilled trades as a career option and then assign the class a research project to find out all they can about careers in a skilled trade and a Glogster presentation assignment about one skilled trade they each found interesting.

See ya in class.