Show Me the Money

Every teacher needs to make informed decisions about classroom materials and every once in awhile they might realize that they need something more than their budget will allow. This is when teachers must learn to become beggars. Well, not really beggars, but in the world of education there is  quite a bit of money available for all kinds of uses, but the teacher must learn how to say “Mother may I” and who to ask. The art of Grant Writing is a wonderful source of school supplies and every teacher needs to learn how to write a grant proposal. The following is my first attempt for a class. (Artifact #1&2 ETEC 579)

First a discussion board post about grants for technology:

Several weeks ago I was hired to teach Exploring Careers, Principles of Construction and Technology Education at Kirby Middle School, a Title 1 school on the east side of San Antonio. As the only middle school in the district with a CTE/woodshop program so,

I would like to prepare students for real world construction projects by providing a SawStop table saw and a shop that will give my students the tools to safely cut wood without cutting themselves and gain real world construction experience with current commercial quality tools.

Does a grant proposal for technology always have to address digital technology or some kind of computer need? Technology needs can be for other kinds of technology, can’t it? My school is in serious need of some quality commercial grade shop equipment to prepare students for vocational/technical opportunities that may not include a college degree.

And then the Grant Proposal letter:

November 20, 2015


Dear Mr. Deeppockets,

Judson Independent School District and Kirby Middle School is dedicated to the preparation of our students to be successful in life, both college bound students and students entering the workforce right after high school. We are committed to making sure our students have a firm understanding of what it means to be successful in their life choices. KMS is seeking this $10,000 grant to upgrade and install the Saw Stop table saw and dust collection equipment so our students will be able to learn woodworking skills in a shop that will be comparable with current industry standards. Our students will benefit by using current, state of the art, and safe tools because they need to graduate with experience and all of their digits intact.

The Career and Technical Education program at Kirby Middle School is housed in a building built over fifty years ago and the last update of equipment was over ten years ago. While students can still use the power and hand tools available in the wood shop because they met the current building, electrical and OSHA standards when they were installed and are grandfathered but none of them meet current standards for workplace safety.

Once funding is in place the installation and upgrade of the shop can be completed over the summer recess. Bob the Builder has been contracted to oversee that all codes are met and the shop is ready when the fall semester begins. Bill Nye, (the science guy) Department Head of the CTE Department at KMS will be the on site contact person and Oscar (the) Grouch, CTE District Manager will be the contact person for any decisions that require District approval.

I hope this proposal will meet with your approval and look forward to working with you in the future towards creating the most skilled and prepared students for college and life, graduating from Kirby Middle School.

Thank you for your consideration,


Joseph Percevecz

Kirby Middle School